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For a brief moment as a teenager, my long dark hair was my “signature” look. So, naturally, I decided to shave off the sides into a Mohawk. No gradual transition to short hair. Just bzzzzzzzzzz and done.

To me, a “signature style” limits you to one predictable look. I tend to reject de rigeur. I prefer to think of your attitude as constant, while your style is transformative. Certainly your style can have definitive elements, but I love to keep things fresh and fun by adding a few surprises.

I approach interior design like I approach fashion. To me, your home is where you inhabit your style. Your home should reflect your individual brand of je ne sais quoi.

When you put on your favourite outfit – the one with your favourite key elements paired with the accessories that give you a tickle of pleasure – you don’t just look stunning. You feel extraordinary. You smile. You strut. You can’t help but take inadvertent looks at your passing reflection.

I believe that is how your home should feel. Your décor should give you that same little thrill as you look at it, and as you live in it.

My approach to design is both timeless and au courant. I love to play with texture, colour, pattern and depth. I believe key quality pieces form the foundation of every room, while frugal or one-of-a-kind finds can add the wow. I love the thrill of the hunt, finding original accessories that add unexpected flair to your space.

I founded Josée Lalonde Design because I love to help people connect to their definitive style, not just within their homes, but within themselves. I love to collaborate with you, learn about you, and then design your space to showcase a milieu of the original, authentic you. Grant me carte blanche, and I promise you will be ecstatic with the results.


XXXO Josée

PS If you know me, you know that I thrive on collaboration.

Meet my amazing team

Melanie Henson
interior designer, professional stager, creative collaborator

Ma Belle or Melamine

What do you get paid for?
Interior Design, Home Staging, Colour Consulting

What do you wish you would get paid for?
Watching my twin boys ride dirt bikes. Traveling. Curling up to watch Netflix. Enjoying a drink on my patio. Running. Can someone pay me to do my own laundry? Hello?

Describe your own design style.
My own home has a balance between elegant and cozy, beautifully classic and purposefully functional.

What is your go-to design principle?
Function then fun. Your space has to be practical for the way you and your family live your lives. But don't be afraid to make bold, edgy choices that reflect your personality.

What was your best splurge must-have?
These days, wherever I go, my Go-Pro is in tow. I capture everything from fun projects to my little weekend warriors.

What was your best bargain find?
Don't we love to boast about bargains? I purchased my beautiful dining room table for under $100 because of a small flaw in the wood. No one has ever noticed it, and I get that little smirk of satisfaction knowing what a steal it was.

Why do you love working with josée?
Where do I start? The answer to this question could take up a whole page! We are the Ying and Yang, the Mo and Jo, the feng and the shui. Josée and I actually complete each others sentences. We always seem to know what the other one is thinking. Josée is always happy - she never lets things bring her down. She motivates us both to move forward when we are just not feelin' it. Her enthusiasm and excitement are infectious, especially when she screams and dances in front of our clients!

What are your words to live by?
"Life is a balance between holding on and letting go."
- Rumi

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